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Karen is an oil painter with studios in the UK and Spain focussing on still life, internal spaces and gardens. Have you ever dreamt an artist could capture an aspect of your home or garden and create unique original art for you or those you love? She works as an ‘artist in residence’  creating studies in a range of media. Her works are developed from your fond objects, colours, patterns, memories, stories; the well worn and loved from these she create the final work finished oil works in the studio uniquely for you.

She has completed a diploma in oil painting and undertakes personal development to refine and extend her practice, this has included Van Gogh in Amsterdam (2018) and Cezanne in France (2019).  Prior to painting Karen worked in psychiatry, social work and occupational psychometrics nationally and internationally. She communicates a perception of people, their relationships and the places they inhabit. She is interested in the psychology of art; the interaction between the artist, the viewer and the work. She says "I like to think we can still surprise one another!”

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